El Bautismo de Brent

This week we had Brent’s baptism! Even though none of the bishopric
came and neither did our ward mission leader, it was still so great! I
felt the spirit really strong and I could see how happy Brent was!
Brent is only 11-years-old and he comes from a part-member family. He
has a sweet spirit and he said that he wants to go on a mission just
like his brother! Definitely a baptism I won’t be able to forget. We
actually met him and put him on date Hermana Escobar’s first night!

I had a really cool experience while teaching an investigator named
Luz. She was telling us about her hardships in life. She is from
Mexico and has two little girls, one with some medical problems. She
was telling us how she came here for a better life and that it has
been hard but that she has so much faith and she knows that God gives
us trials for a reason. She said she didn’t know why she had the
trials she does but that she has faith that everything will work out.
As I was sitting there listening to her I just felt so much compassion
for her! I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be in her
situation and yet there she was with so much positivity and hope. She
has come to church twice since we met her and she is really excited
for her baptism!

Friday we were weekly planning in the church building and this lady
walks in and sits in the couch across from us. She was there for a
mid-single adults party that night and came to cook something in the
kitchen. I was talking to her just trying to get to know her and I
asked if she needed help with anything. I could tell she was a little
bit… different. Anyway, I literally just said, “we can help you if
you want” and she just replied, “I don’t think girls should be
missionaries. It makes since that the boys would do it… They have
the priesthood and it’s their job to teach the gospel.” I was in
shock! And so I told her that I disagreed and she laughed and said,
“Well I’ll just let God speak for himself.” And so I said, “Oh, He
already did through a prophet when he extended the invitation for all
worthy young men AND women to serve missions.” Then she just looks
down at her phone and we stood up and left. I think to say I was angry
would be an understatement.

So with that whole thing on my mind, Friday night I was a little
worried because we had been so busy with set appointments and meetings
that we hadn’t found any new investigators. So Friday night every one
of our lessons cancelled beforehand and we were able to go find. We
knocked on a referral’s door but no one answered. So we decided to
just walk to the other street all the way around and see if anyone was
outside. We talked to those we saw (which were few) but they were not
interested. I had a prayer in my heart as we kept walking when all of
the sudden I just turned my head and saw the lady coming out of her
house. I have never seen someone with such a desperation in their eyes
and she looked at me. I walked toward her and said “Hermana, are you
okay?” And she burst into tears. She came towards us and then told us
how she doesn’t want to live with her husband anymore because they
constantly fight. We walked with her to a chapel about 10 minutes away
and called the elders for a blessing. Then one of the members (Hermana
Gonzalez – she’s the best!) came to talk with her. We ended up
spending the whole night with this lady and her two little children.
Turns out she is a member but has been inactive for more than 10
years. At the end of the night when we were saying goodbye, she
grabbed my hand and told me how thankful she was that she saw us and
how we helped her so much.

The next day we found four investigators and one more on Sunday. We
ended up hitting our goal within the last days of the week. I know
that we needed to be walking down that road that evening and that she
was crying out for help and Heavenly Father sent us to her. I can’t
explain how or why I turned my head to see her, but I am glad I did.
Even though we didn’t find as we had planned that night, Heavenly
Father needed us to be somewhere else. I also know that that rude lady
I was talking about earlier was wrong and that girls CAN and SHOULD be
missionaries! I know that sisters can get into places that elders
can’t, just like the prophet has said. To comfort this lady in her
time of need would be not as easy for an elder as it was for a sister.

I know that everyone is a child of God, including the super rude lady.
I was angry but now I’m over it. She obviously has some trials that I
cannot see and I have some that she couldn’t see either.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Hershey



Brent’s baptism!


I went to downtown Mesa again



I will miss the sky here


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