El Bautismo de Manuela

Hey everyone!

This week I went back to Pueblo for Manuela’s baptism! It seriously
was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever been to. She was
crying through her whole testimony. Her daughter was recently baptized
2 years ago and she has been taking to lessons for at long. When I was
back in that area last transfer we felt inspired to ask her to pray
for a date she could be baptized since she already had a testimony.
She chose her birthday. It was such a great experience!

I’ve still been recovering from having the flu. Not much I can do, I
just keep going and my voice is slowly coming back. It’s kind of been
a bummer not being able to sing but I’m sure my companion and
roommates were grateful. (Just kidding).

Yesterday we felt like we needed to visit this inactive family we had
just met a week earlier. I was kind of second guessing myself because
we had a family home evening planned with them the next day, but we
decided to go and see them. We read Ether chapter 12 win them from the
Book of Mormon and then showed them the “Because of Him” video. The
spirit was guiding every single word we both said. And I was so proud
of my hija (Hermana Escobar)! We both walked away from that lesson
just blown away at how strong the spirit was.

Things in the area are goof really well. We still get a referral
everyday, mostly from the English missionaries. I feel bad for them
since this area is basically Mexico. It’s crazy how half of my mission
is complete opposites. One side has tons of Spanish speakers and the
other has few so finding is harder. But I honestly have loved both
areas just the same.

Next week is transfers so I won’t write until Tuesday. I also start
“My Plan” next week which is this thing that the church set up for
missionaries in their last transfer… 😦 it has six different topics
and I’m supposed to do one a week. It’s basically what my plan is when
I return home. I just really don’t even want to think of that right
now to be honest.

Anyway, things are going well. I hope you all are having fun and
choosing the right. Miss you bunches.

Hermana Hershey

1: Manuela!
2: all of us with our panchos
3: since it’s hot sometimes all we eat is cold watermelon for lunch.
4: Guatemalan dresses 🙂

All of us with our panchos


since it’s hot sometimes all we eat is cold watermelon for lunch.


Guatemalan dresses 🙂


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