No More Trio :(

Hey everyone!

This week was good and super busy! We had three baptisms this week.
The first was on Thursday for a young girl named Andrea. It was so
stressful because she and her family were late! Our mission prescient
and his wife were there too. But luckily they showed up and it was a
very spiritual experience in the end. Afterward President Jenkins
comes over and says, “I need to talk to you three.” Then he pulls us
aside. I was just like, “Oh great. He’s upset because the baptism was
kind of rocky at first…” But then he surprises me by telling us that
a sister in Guatemala had just received her visa and that she was to
be coming in a few days! So he is putting her with one of us. Who? We
don’t know yet and he STILL hasn’t told us. We pick her up today at
5:30. They are splitting the area again which is a good thing since we
have no time for members and less actives since they just combined
these two areas last transfer. So next week I will be telling you
which area I’m in and who my companion is.

On Saturday we went back to my old area for Christian’s baptism! It
was so good to go back and see him and people from the ward. Then that
night we had a baptism for Socorro which also started like 30 minutes
late (Spanish people tend to do that a lot). Both were so great and
spiritually uplifting!

The weirdest thing happened on Friday. We were in the church weekly
planning and at the end we ran quickly to the bathroom. When we came
back Hermana Brown couldn’t find her iPad anywhere and she had just
set it down next to her bag. We were the only ones in the church and
all of the doors were supposed to be locked since we never unlock
them. We search almost everywhere for her iPad when o felt the
impression to go outside. I went and saw this little girl walk by and
I ask her if she’d seen an iPad. She said, “I think I saw one in the
primary room but I didn’t touch it.” So we ran there and found the
iPad sitting on the chair. It was super creepy. Then we found like
hundreds of pictures taken from across the street just 5 minutes
before. A couple days later as we were setting up for a baptism this
man tells us to be careful to lock all of the doors because they found
vandalism in some rooms and the sacrament table. It kind of broke my
heart that someone would do that, but yeah this chapel is in a ghetto
part of town…

We got the chance to go to the temple this week and I ran into our old
neighbor from North Salt Lake, Megan Hanks! It was great to see her.
In the temple I felt like I learned so much. I decided to read the
Bible while I was in there and I find it so interesting that some of
the most controversial things that the church stands for are right in
the Bible. I wasn’t even looking for anything specific but yet I found
things about being God’s children and the pre-earth life.

As we were preparing a young man for his baptismal interview this week
we decided to share a video called “Dare to Stand Alone” which is a
story of courage that President Thomas S. Monson shares. As I was
listening, this video really hit me and I felt the spirit so strong. I
invite you all to give it a watch:

It’s getting very hot here! On Saturday we went and got shaved ice for
lunch to try and cool down. It was a good way to also “celebrate” my
16-month-mark. Hard to believe I have been out this long. I hope you
all have a good week!

Hermana Hershey

1: Andrea’s baptism
2: Christian’s baptism (we had to do a selfie version since the other
were blurry -.-)
3:Socorro’s baptism
4: Bahama Bucks (shaved ice)
5: Dinner with the bishop and his family


Andrea’s baptismimage2.JPG

Christian’s baptism (we had to do a selfie version since the other
were blurry -.-)


Socorro’s baptism


Bahama Bucks (shaved ice)


Dinner with the bishop and his family


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