Last Skype Home

Hey everyone!

This week went by so fast I can hardly believe it. Talking with you
all on Mother’s Day was so much fun! I called mom’s phone to ask if I
could Skype a little bit earlier and Brooke picked up he phone. It
almost made me cry! I hadn’t heard her voice in almost 16 months! It
was so weird to see everyone so big and grownup. I miss you all a lot
but I will see you real soon.

On Thursday we went to the visitors center to have a baptismal
interview for Andrea who is a ten year old girl. While we were setting
it up we all kind of had the feeling that Elder Hoffman should be the
one to do the interview, so we asked him (he and his companion also
serve in the same ward as us). When he walked in the VC I told Andrea
that he was the one that would be doing the interview. Her eyes got
really big and she said to me, “Really? I prayed that one of the boys
(referring to the elders in our ward) would be the one to give me the
interview and I specifically prayed for him!” I felt the spirit so
strong in that moment. It was so cool! At the end of the interview
they both come out and they were both crying! Elder Hoffman told me
that hat was on of the most spiritual experiences he had ever had.
Andrea comes from a part-member family with quite a few problems but
she had so much faith and is so excited to be baptized!

We also had interviews this week with our mission President and his
wife. It went really well. It’s always nice to talk with them! It’s
sad that they leave on July 1st and I’ll have a new mission president
for 19 days! But President Jenkins and his wife will always have a
place in my heart. Thank goodness they live in Meridian.

Today we deep-cleaned our apartment. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I
have come to realize that missionaries are terrible cleaners.
Hopefully the cockroaches will be going away soon. Have I mentioned
how grateful I am for a mom who is super tidy? 🙂 Our whole apartment
smells like bleach now but it was worth it!

Things in the area are busier than ever. We keep getting referrals out
of nowhere. I never though I would say “Please! No more referrals!”
Until yesterday when we received two more. That makes 20 uncontacted
referrals and we are suppose to visit them within 24 hours of
receiving the referral. So much work it’s somewhat stressful but I
honestly wouldn’t have it any other way! On top of that we have temple
trip this week and three baptisms. The Lord is really keeping me
occupied during these last couple months.

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Hershey

1: saying hi to Hemsley and Brandon
2: everyone says “you look just like your mom!” 🙂
3: this is Andrea’s little sister while we were waiting in the VC
4: we all got some panchos!


Saying “Hi” to Hemsley and Brandon


Everyone says “you look just like your mom!” 🙂


This is Andrea’s little sister while we were waiting in the VC


We all got some panchos!


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