Trio Life

Hey everyone!

Being in a trio is so much fun! I seriously love my companions so
much. This area is so different, I forgot how many Hispanics there
are! We had a lesson with a young man named Jesus. We taught him the
restoration and set a baptismal date the very first lesson we taught
together. Jesus is so golden! H kept on telling us that he is so
excited to learn! He even went to seminary and got a makeup work book
for the year he didn’t take seminary! He was asking us questions about
it and everything. All because his friend invited him to learn more
because she felt prompted by the spirit. It is a great story!

Yesterday at church was so great. I was surprised at how many people
actually remembered me. I think I heard people say “Hermana Chocolate”
more than I ever had before! This ward has changed a bit since I was
here last year. Many have gone inactive and have been offended for one
reason or another. It is sad but I am so excited to work and help them
come back!

So we were walking in this trailer park (which is the most ghetto I’ve
seen all mission) and all of the sudden all of these little Spanish
kids start running towards us yelling “Missionaries!” And they all
follow us to our lesson. It was so fun! We started singing the “do as
I’m doing” song and one of them yelled “Push-ups!” So we look at each
other and then shrug our shoulders and start doing push-ups while
wearing skirts and singing “Do as I’m doing! Follow, follow me!”

So many miracles have happened but my mind is just running blank. I
hope you all have an amazing week!

Hermana Hershey




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