El Bautismo de Manuela

Hey everyone!

This week I went back to Pueblo for Manuela’s baptism! It seriously
was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever been to. She was
crying through her whole testimony. Her daughter was recently baptized
2 years ago and she has been taking to lessons for at long. When I was
back in that area last transfer we felt inspired to ask her to pray
for a date she could be baptized since she already had a testimony.
She chose her birthday. It was such a great experience!

I’ve still been recovering from having the flu. Not much I can do, I
just keep going and my voice is slowly coming back. It’s kind of been
a bummer not being able to sing but I’m sure my companion and
roommates were grateful. (Just kidding).

Yesterday we felt like we needed to visit this inactive family we had
just met a week earlier. I was kind of second guessing myself because
we had a family home evening planned with them the next day, but we
decided to go and see them. We read Ether chapter 12 win them from the
Book of Mormon and then showed them the “Because of Him” video. The
spirit was guiding every single word we both said. And I was so proud
of my hija (Hermana Escobar)! We both walked away from that lesson
just blown away at how strong the spirit was.

Things in the area are goof really well. We still get a referral
everyday, mostly from the English missionaries. I feel bad for them
since this area is basically Mexico. It’s crazy how half of my mission
is complete opposites. One side has tons of Spanish speakers and the
other has few so finding is harder. But I honestly have loved both
areas just the same.

Next week is transfers so I won’t write until Tuesday. I also start
“My Plan” next week which is this thing that the church set up for
missionaries in their last transfer… 😦 it has six different topics
and I’m supposed to do one a week. It’s basically what my plan is when
I return home. I just really don’t even want to think of that right
now to be honest.

Anyway, things are going well. I hope you all are having fun and
choosing the right. Miss you bunches.

Hermana Hershey

1: Manuela!
2: all of us with our panchos
3: since it’s hot sometimes all we eat is cold watermelon for lunch.
4: Guatemalan dresses 🙂

All of us with our panchos


since it’s hot sometimes all we eat is cold watermelon for lunch.


Guatemalan dresses 🙂


I’m Training?

Hola todos!

Shortly after I wrote my email last week, President Jenkins called and
told us to hurry over to the mission home to pick up Sister Escobar.
On the way over it was bitter-sweet because this transfer in a trio
has been the best one I have ever had so far! We got to the mission
home and President told us that I would be her trainer. She only had
one transfer in Guatemala which means I will be second-half training
her. I was really excited but also kind of nervous! We ended up taking
the south area while the other sister have the north.

Since we use iPads everything we do is digital. So our area book (aka
all the information we have about investigators i.e. Where they live,
what lessons they need next, etc.) was completely messed up all week
long. It made it hard to work but we managed to get around. Our first
night together we put someone on date to be baptized! It was awesome.
It’s still a little messed up but I’m sure we can work it out.

Jesus got baptized on Saturday! It was a great experience! It’s cool
because it’s the one investigator we taught from the beginning to the
end together in a trio. He was so nervous but his testimony was so
great! Not to mention he is the only convert I have heard talk about
the law of chastity in his testimony, haha.

So I don’t know what it is with me and getting sick in this area but I
have the flu AGAIN. I punched through it the first few days but now
today on preparation day I’ve decided to give myself a break and rest
until 6pm. Hermana Gutierrez is also feeling sick so we both stayed in
the apartment while Hermana Escobar and Brown went to do some fun
things, sigh.

I want to share part of a talk I love by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. He
is talking about Peter the apostle and how after Jesus Christ died
Peter went fishing again instead of preaching the gospel. Jesus kept
asking Peter if he loved him and Peter kept saying yes. Elder Holland
paraphrases in his own word what Jesus Christ said to Peter:

“Then Peter, why are you here? Why are we back on this same shore, by
these same nets, having this same conversation? Wasn’t it obvious then
and isn’t it obvious now that if I want fish, I can get fish? What I
need, Peter, are disciples–and I need them forever. I need someone to
feed my sheep and save my lambs. I need someone to preach my gospel
and defend my faith. I need someone who loves me, truly, truly loves
me, and loves what our Father in Heaven has commissioned me to do.
Ours is not a feeble message. It is not a fleeting task. It is not
hapless; it is not hopeless; it is not to be consigned to the ash heap
of history. It is the work of Almighty God, and it is to change the
world. So, Peter, for the second and presumably the last time, I am
asking you to leave all this and to go teach and testify, labor and
serve loyally until the day in which they will do to you exactly what
they did to me.”

I feel the same obligation as Peter as a missionary. I know that this
is the work of the Lord. I am so privileged and blessed to be here
knowing that the Lord has confidence in me.

We went to the trainers/trainee meeting on Tuesday and my mission
president asked me to share some thoughts just randomly to all of the
new missionaries. I told them, “One thing that I have learned is that
we are not perfect. But if we sincerely try to help assist in this
work, God will make up for what we lack. This is His work that we are
doing. I know that you are all just starting your missions, but in
reality I hope you know that you don’t have much time left. Enjoy this
time and use it wisely.”

Hermana Hershey

1: Hermana Escobar!
2: Jesus’s baptism
3: these are called popusas. It’s kind of like a tortilla stuffed with
cheese and beans and meat of some sort. This is probably why I always
get sick here.
4: no fun being sick

Hermana Escobar!


Jesus’s baptism


These are called popusas. It’s kind of like a tortilla stuffed with
cheese and beans and meat of some sort. This is probably why I always
get sick here.


 no fun being sick

No More Trio :(

Hey everyone!

This week was good and super busy! We had three baptisms this week.
The first was on Thursday for a young girl named Andrea. It was so
stressful because she and her family were late! Our mission prescient
and his wife were there too. But luckily they showed up and it was a
very spiritual experience in the end. Afterward President Jenkins
comes over and says, “I need to talk to you three.” Then he pulls us
aside. I was just like, “Oh great. He’s upset because the baptism was
kind of rocky at first…” But then he surprises me by telling us that
a sister in Guatemala had just received her visa and that she was to
be coming in a few days! So he is putting her with one of us. Who? We
don’t know yet and he STILL hasn’t told us. We pick her up today at
5:30. They are splitting the area again which is a good thing since we
have no time for members and less actives since they just combined
these two areas last transfer. So next week I will be telling you
which area I’m in and who my companion is.

On Saturday we went back to my old area for Christian’s baptism! It
was so good to go back and see him and people from the ward. Then that
night we had a baptism for Socorro which also started like 30 minutes
late (Spanish people tend to do that a lot). Both were so great and
spiritually uplifting!

The weirdest thing happened on Friday. We were in the church weekly
planning and at the end we ran quickly to the bathroom. When we came
back Hermana Brown couldn’t find her iPad anywhere and she had just
set it down next to her bag. We were the only ones in the church and
all of the doors were supposed to be locked since we never unlock
them. We search almost everywhere for her iPad when o felt the
impression to go outside. I went and saw this little girl walk by and
I ask her if she’d seen an iPad. She said, “I think I saw one in the
primary room but I didn’t touch it.” So we ran there and found the
iPad sitting on the chair. It was super creepy. Then we found like
hundreds of pictures taken from across the street just 5 minutes
before. A couple days later as we were setting up for a baptism this
man tells us to be careful to lock all of the doors because they found
vandalism in some rooms and the sacrament table. It kind of broke my
heart that someone would do that, but yeah this chapel is in a ghetto
part of town…

We got the chance to go to the temple this week and I ran into our old
neighbor from North Salt Lake, Megan Hanks! It was great to see her.
In the temple I felt like I learned so much. I decided to read the
Bible while I was in there and I find it so interesting that some of
the most controversial things that the church stands for are right in
the Bible. I wasn’t even looking for anything specific but yet I found
things about being God’s children and the pre-earth life.

As we were preparing a young man for his baptismal interview this week
we decided to share a video called “Dare to Stand Alone” which is a
story of courage that President Thomas S. Monson shares. As I was
listening, this video really hit me and I felt the spirit so strong. I
invite you all to give it a watch:

It’s getting very hot here! On Saturday we went and got shaved ice for
lunch to try and cool down. It was a good way to also “celebrate” my
16-month-mark. Hard to believe I have been out this long. I hope you
all have a good week!

Hermana Hershey

1: Andrea’s baptism
2: Christian’s baptism (we had to do a selfie version since the other
were blurry -.-)
3:Socorro’s baptism
4: Bahama Bucks (shaved ice)
5: Dinner with the bishop and his family


Andrea’s baptismimage2.JPG

Christian’s baptism (we had to do a selfie version since the other
were blurry -.-)


Socorro’s baptism


Bahama Bucks (shaved ice)


Dinner with the bishop and his family

Last Skype Home

Hey everyone!

This week went by so fast I can hardly believe it. Talking with you
all on Mother’s Day was so much fun! I called mom’s phone to ask if I
could Skype a little bit earlier and Brooke picked up he phone. It
almost made me cry! I hadn’t heard her voice in almost 16 months! It
was so weird to see everyone so big and grownup. I miss you all a lot
but I will see you real soon.

On Thursday we went to the visitors center to have a baptismal
interview for Andrea who is a ten year old girl. While we were setting
it up we all kind of had the feeling that Elder Hoffman should be the
one to do the interview, so we asked him (he and his companion also
serve in the same ward as us). When he walked in the VC I told Andrea
that he was the one that would be doing the interview. Her eyes got
really big and she said to me, “Really? I prayed that one of the boys
(referring to the elders in our ward) would be the one to give me the
interview and I specifically prayed for him!” I felt the spirit so
strong in that moment. It was so cool! At the end of the interview
they both come out and they were both crying! Elder Hoffman told me
that hat was on of the most spiritual experiences he had ever had.
Andrea comes from a part-member family with quite a few problems but
she had so much faith and is so excited to be baptized!

We also had interviews this week with our mission President and his
wife. It went really well. It’s always nice to talk with them! It’s
sad that they leave on July 1st and I’ll have a new mission president
for 19 days! But President Jenkins and his wife will always have a
place in my heart. Thank goodness they live in Meridian.

Today we deep-cleaned our apartment. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I
have come to realize that missionaries are terrible cleaners.
Hopefully the cockroaches will be going away soon. Have I mentioned
how grateful I am for a mom who is super tidy? 🙂 Our whole apartment
smells like bleach now but it was worth it!

Things in the area are busier than ever. We keep getting referrals out
of nowhere. I never though I would say “Please! No more referrals!”
Until yesterday when we received two more. That makes 20 uncontacted
referrals and we are suppose to visit them within 24 hours of
receiving the referral. So much work it’s somewhat stressful but I
honestly wouldn’t have it any other way! On top of that we have temple
trip this week and three baptisms. The Lord is really keeping me
occupied during these last couple months.

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Hershey

1: saying hi to Hemsley and Brandon
2: everyone says “you look just like your mom!” 🙂
3: this is Andrea’s little sister while we were waiting in the VC
4: we all got some panchos!


Saying “Hi” to Hemsley and Brandon


Everyone says “you look just like your mom!” 🙂


This is Andrea’s little sister while we were waiting in the VC


We all got some panchos!

Trio Life

Hey everyone!

Being in a trio is so much fun! I seriously love my companions so
much. This area is so different, I forgot how many Hispanics there
are! We had a lesson with a young man named Jesus. We taught him the
restoration and set a baptismal date the very first lesson we taught
together. Jesus is so golden! H kept on telling us that he is so
excited to learn! He even went to seminary and got a makeup work book
for the year he didn’t take seminary! He was asking us questions about
it and everything. All because his friend invited him to learn more
because she felt prompted by the spirit. It is a great story!

Yesterday at church was so great. I was surprised at how many people
actually remembered me. I think I heard people say “Hermana Chocolate”
more than I ever had before! This ward has changed a bit since I was
here last year. Many have gone inactive and have been offended for one
reason or another. It is sad but I am so excited to work and help them
come back!

So we were walking in this trailer park (which is the most ghetto I’ve
seen all mission) and all of the sudden all of these little Spanish
kids start running towards us yelling “Missionaries!” And they all
follow us to our lesson. It was so fun! We started singing the “do as
I’m doing” song and one of them yelled “Push-ups!” So we look at each
other and then shrug our shoulders and start doing push-ups while
wearing skirts and singing “Do as I’m doing! Follow, follow me!”

So many miracles have happened but my mind is just running blank. I
hope you all have an amazing week!

Hermana Hershey