La Familia es de Dios

Hey everyone!

This week went well. It was raining for a couple days which was a nice
change! It was a little bit cold (well, cold for Arizona) and it was
funny watching everyone break out their jackets for the day.

On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting and Hermana Avalos (who
was just baptized in January) got up to bear her testimony. She went
to Utah for general conference and she ore her testimony on a living
prophet today. It was so great! It has been so fun watching all of
these recent converts build their testimonies, even after baptism!

It is amazing that no matter how old we get or how long we have been
in the church, we are always learning and especially always
relearning. I feel like I learn so much each day in my personal study.
I have been studying the last general conference talk as our mission
president has encouraged us to do so. I guess I didn’t really notice
while watching conference but it is all about families and how they
are so important!

I have seen many families in many different situations. I have also
seen how the gospel of Jesus Christ truly blesses the family, no
matter what circumstance. We found a new investigator and she is
probably in her 60’s. She just recently lost her daughter-in-law due
to cancer. She is living with her son (who lost his wife) and his
three small children. As we taught her the restoration I felt the
spirit so strong! She told us how she is searching for something that
will help her family. It’s great news that the right people found her
at the right time.

The young women were having a fundraiser for girls camp and they were
selling Sonoran hotdogs and also an auction for different type of
pastries. We helped them prepare the food and I have never cut so many
tomatoes and onions in my life! But it was a lot of fun. During the
auction my companion was like, “I really want to raise my hand and
participate!” And then she said, “Do you have any money?” And I said
yes and so she raised her hand for a chocoflan (a popular Mexican cake
thing) that was being bid for $25. I don’t know if you know this, but
$25 is A LOT of money in the missionary world (and I had like $10
cash). So we were kind of freaking out because no one else was bidding
after that and we had no money, haha. Luckily a kind soul saw we were
struggling and bid $30 after that.

Well a lot more happened this week but I will just leave it at that
for now and part of a conference talk I really like called “In Praise
of Those Who Save” by President Dieter F Uchtdorf:

“Build bridges; don’t destroy them.
Even when you are not at fault–perhaps especially when you are not at
fault–let love conquer pride.”

Hermana Hershey

4: sister Hawkins is leaving this next transfer so she wanted a
picture with all of her companions still in the mission


Helping the Young Women


a cool picture we took


a giant cactus



Sister Hawkins is leaving this next transfer so she wanted a picture with all of her companions still in the mission


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