The Season of Oranges has Just Begun

Hey everyone!


This week was so amazing! The work here is going so well! Also citrus season is back so people are giving us oranges and grapefruit like there is no tomorrow. Our investigator gave us these grapefruit that are the biggest grapefruit I’ve ever seen. Arizona knows citrus.

So we have an investigator who has a problem with drinking coffee and she believed that what we taught was true but she “could not stop drinking coffee because she loved it so much.” So we had a lesson with her trying to help her in the best way possible. She then mentioned how she loves frapuccinos from Starbucks. And I was like, “You know that you can get any frapuccino without coffee, right?” And then she freaked out and was super happy and said she would quit coffee. It was kind of strange.

We have been finding a lot more people to teach, which has been great. We even got some bikes today so that we can ride around some trailer parks in our area to talk to people more easily. I’m really excited for that!

At In N’ Out celebrating Hermana Gonzalezes’ year mark.

So last night we went to a formers house and a girl opened the door who was about 15 years old. She was watching the super bowl and told us all about it, haha. She invited us in and her sister and mom came out as well. This family was so awesome. Usually when you first
contact someone as a missionary it’s a bit awkward, but this time it wasn’t at all. Both Hermana Gonzalez and I got along so well with them right of the bat! It was so great! But the Broncos won the super bowl which isn’t so great (Dad that was for you).

My district

So much is happening here the time seems to be flying by faster and faster. I get to go to the temple two times this week! Once in English and then our mission president has put together a Spanish Conference for us missionaries and we will get to do a session in Spanish! I am really really excited for that!

Well I hope you all are doing well! Miss you!

Hermana Hershey



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