The 5K

Hi everyone! Feliz día de acción de gracias. (Happy Thanksgiving)

This morning we had our mission 5k and it was so fun! I loved it! I got to be with all of the missionaries in the Arizona Mesa Mission, and I just have to say, I love my mission! I love all of the people and I am so lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

Spanish missionaries at the 5K!

This week was such a great one. We had interviews with the mission president and it went really well! I always feel spiritually uplifted after talking to president and sister Jenkins. They are so awesome!

My name tag in the display

We also went to the visitors center which has been closed for the past two months for remodeling and it is so cool! They have a ton of new exhibits. One of them is called “8 Stories” and it is about eight different missionaries. They have a wall with like 11,000 missionaries name tags displayed and I sent mine in and it’s on there! It was so
cool to see my name in a display!

So the Mesa Temple does Christmas lights every year starting the day after Thanksgiving and the full-field sisters help out and walk around outside talking and directing people. We are scheduled to go every other day and I am so excited! I’m not that excited for all of the protestors but I am excited to be around Christmas lights every other day for a couple of hours! It’s going to be exhausting but super fun, at least that’s what I hear.

At an activity for the Young Women in our ward

On thanksgiving day our ward is having a party in the park. They are going to be eating and playing soccer! I have come to LOVE soccer while on my mission (one of my least favorite sports before) and so I am super excited for that. Then we are going to a members house for thanksgiving dinner and we are planning on going to homeless shelters and passing out little bags of candy. We are excited for that!

I hope you all have a good week and a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Hermana Hershey


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