Mesa Por Vida

Hey everyone!

Downtown Mesa. It says “Mesa for life”

My first week in Pueblo went really well! The members here are so nice and welcoming. It is nice to be in Spanish work 100% now. I am getting to know all the members and investigators. There are a ton of eternal investigators (meaning that hey have been taking the discussions for a LONG time) but hopefully that will change soon.

Since it’s November, I am trying to focus more on being grateful and serving others in ways that I usually don’t. The other day, I wrote a card to a random stranger. I just took one of my cards and wrote anything I felt inspired to write. Then I prayed that I would run into someone who needed it. And I did! I saw this girl walking into her house and I ran up to her and gave her he card and left. I’m not sure if made a difference but I have faith it did! And it was really fun.

Me and my companion, Sister Knudson

My new companion is great! She hates taking pictures and I love taking them so I’ve been trying to make her love them. 🙂 We went to downtown Mesa today and took a few with some other sisters and she was a pretty good sport. She’s awesome!

On Wednesday before transfers we had Hermana Gutierrez

Hermana Gutierrez, Aguilar, and me

with us for the day! Her companion went home (finished her mission) so she needed to stay with someone. We had so much fun! She was definitely a great companion to have. As well as all my others. I’ve been pretty lucky with all my companions so far.

Well this week has been good and I’m still trying to get to know the area. I am loving it here in Mesa. The weather is finally nice! It was 70 degrees the other day and I felt like wearing a parka it felt so cold!



Hermana Hershey

Downtown Mesa. It says “Mesa for life”
A baby chicken

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