Not Today, Bob

Hey everyone!

This week has been an interesting one.

Well first of all, my birthday was great! All of the members were so awesome and loving. They were so sweet and made it a day to remember. Also, thanks to all of you who have sent me letters and cards! You all are so nice. 🙂

We had zone conference this week. That is where our mission president and other mission leaders give talks and things like that. I learned so much and I felt the spirit so strong. It was a great experience!

Zone Conference

One last thing I will talk about is Bob. We stopped at a little store because my companion needed ibuprofen on our way to dinner. When we were walking out of the store this man (Bob) asks if he can talk to us. We of course say yes and he runs back to his car and grabs these little flyers from his church and gives them to us. He talks about salvation and how we are wrong for what we believe (even though it seems like he didn’t even KNOW what we believed). He then said, “So ladies, I am saved but you two are going to Hell. I hate to tell ya that.” Well Bob caught me on the wrong day at the wrong time. I was having
the worst day ever and was not in the mood to be put down.
I looked at Bob and said, “Have you even read the Book of Mormon?”
And he said he had.
So I said, “Well did you pray and ask God if it was true?”
He said, “Well… that’s the thing…”
I said, “Well okay, Bob. If you haven’t asked the One who knows all
then you wouldn’t know if it was true or not. THAT is what we invite
people to do. To gain knowledge for themselves.”
There was a lot more that he said and a lot more that happened but I’ll just leave it at that.

I was frustrated beyond belief and I didn’t yell at him or do anything that I shouldn’t have but instead of beating around the bush like I would normally do I was straight forward and very blunt. I probably should have said it in a nicer way but hey, we all have bad moments.

The pamphlets Bob gave us.

One thing I noticed about Bob and about all of the people who have tried to come up to me and tell me that I am wrong is this: they have no testimony. Bob was just yelling false doctrine that he had been told by someone else and not a single thing he said came from his heart. He was reading out of the pamphlet and when I looked at him and said, “No, YOU tell me what YOU believe. Not something out of a pamphlet.” he couldn’t.

Now not everyone is like that. I know some people have a true belief of their church and I am okay with that. But what I believe is that pray works. If you want to know the truth you need to ask Heavenly Father. I know I’ve done it for myself and it’s part of why I am here.

This week wasn’t the greatest thing ever but I am thankful for it. I hope you all are doing wonderful!

Thanks for your love and support and thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Hermana Hershey


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