Tierra Rica & Eden Park

Hola todos.

image1So I am in my new area! I’m in a branch called Tierra Rica and also a YSA ward. It has been a wild past few days. First of all, we had a lesson with a girl named Brittani (getting baptized in October) and it was WEIRD for me. One: they were white. Two: the lesson was in pure English. Three: They were all really close to my age. But it was fun! Brittani is so sweet and has tons of friends that are there to support her.

In transfer meeting Sister Jenkins (President’s wife) had us all stand up and sing the primary song “The Family Is of God” and the spirit was so strong! I tried real hard to hold back my tears. I remember singing that in primary but now I actually understand it’s meaning so much deeper. It is one of my favorites!

That same day we went to a members house and she was telling us how she was having trouble setting up a Family Search account. She said she and others have tried it so many times and it never works. She even had so many family names to put in. So I was like, “We can help
you and see if it works.” So she gave it a shot and right when she went to put in her membership record it FROZE ON US. She said, “I just don’t think Satan wants me to make one!” Well then I got really stubborn because I was NOT going to let him win this one. So I spent the next 45 minutes or so trying to figure it out and we finally got it to work! Miracles.

We then went to find a less-active in the YSA ward named Olivia. When we showed up at her house her father was there and he was NOT a nice man. He totally yelled at us and starting bashing the Book of Mormon. He was baptized a few years back and fell away quickly. He was super rude and we tried talking to him and then he said, “Look I don’t want any hurt feelings and you know what you are always welcome here but I am Roman Catholic and that’s the way it is.” And I said, “We’re just looking for Olivia.” Haha.

Last night we had an amazing thing happen! We went to visit an investigator (YSA) named Dorian but he forgot and wasn’t there. His roommates were, however. They told us we could wait for Dorian so we did and we were all standing outside watching the eclipse. They quickly started asking us questions about our missions and what our purpose was. Then they invited us in and we explained what the Book of Mormon was. It was such a cool lesson! They both took a copy of the Book of Mormon and said they wanted to read it.

So that was my week. I left out a few more lessons and times we got yelled at but I think you all get the picture. I love my new area, my companion, and the Book of Mormon. I finished it and started over again. I learn something new each time. I know that the scriptures truly are the word of God and that He loves each one of us. I hope that whoever is reading this right now knows that they have a Father in Heaven and that He knows you personally. He knows your name and He has a plan for you.

Have a great week!

Hermana Hershey


Transfers Again


Huge Mangos
Huge Mangos

So I guess I’ll just start out with transfer news. I am being transferred to a branch called Tierra Rica and I also have a YSA ward. My new companion is Hermana Aguilar which I’m excited about! She is so sweet! She is actually a Visitors Center sister but all of them are
going full field because the VC is down for repairs. Anyway, I’m really excited to meet new people and that I’ll be a Spanish and English missionary, but I am so sad to be leaving Valencia. Like really really sad.

On Sunday we were sitting in sacrament and the stake president got up an announced that we have a new bishop and ward mission leader! Bishop Galbrandsen is the new bishop. He is AWESOME. He served as mission president in Argentina. Also Brother Pimienta is out new ward mission leader! As I was sitting in sacrament meeting (this was before transfer news) I was so excited. When I first came here to this ward is was just plain horrible. But slowly and surely we have been able to bring it up. We have so many investigators and I felt as if this next transfer 8 people would be baptized. I thought, “There is no way I’m being transferred.” But I was so wrong.

I am going to miss this area. It has beat me to the pulp and I have had the hardest days EVER.

Gypsy: the Worlds Fattest Dog
Gypsy: the Worlds Fattest Dog

But we didn’t stop trying and now we can see the blessings and progress. I am so excited for the future of this ward. The APs just called me and asked me to split the area because we are getting Elders in the ward! I know this ward is going to be so great and the extra missionaries make a huge difference!

Dent in Our Hood
Dent in Our Hood

So anyway, a couple of days ago we were walking out of our dinner appointment and he member we were with said, “What happened to your car?” And we looked and saw a huge dent on the hood of our car! It looks like someone took a sledge hammer to it! We were like, “WHAT?!” We think someone must have vandalized it in one of the sketchier areas we were in. How rude. There really is no other explanation for it.

We have been doing a lot of service as well. We’ve been helping Romy with her in-home salon and that’s been fun. We also have been helping this family clean their house over the transfer. Their mom just passed away due to some medical problem and I have loved getting to know the kids. The 13 year old girl is my favorite! Anyway their house is so cluttered and it has taken us 3 visits just to see the floor. But I seriously loved it.

Well I think that’s all for now. I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Hershey


Hello everybody,
This week has been alright. We talked with a lot of people but mostly in English. In fact we hardly find new Spanish-speakers to talk to. But it’s alright. I’m pretty good at English anyway. 🙂
This week I was struggling a bit. I felt as if I was missing something and I couldn’t pin point it. After much prayer and many days, I came across Ether chapter 12 in my studies. The whole chapter is about faith, and I realized that’s what I was lacking.
Ether 12:6
And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.
It was this verse that stuck out to me the most. I realized I needed to have more faith even though times are tough and the area I’m in isn’t ideal. I encourage you all to read Ether chapter 12 in the Book of Mormon as soon as you can. It really helped me a lot and is now one of my favorites!
The photo booth at the activity
The photo booth at the activity

This week we helped out with our stake Activity Days activity. We taught the young girls (ages 8-11) about how Jesus Christ is our best friend. We then helped to show them how to invite their friends to church or activity days. It was a lot of fun to get to know some of the girls! They had a cute “photo booth” type thing and some of the girls that were in my group came up to me and said, “Sister Hershey! Will you take a picture with us?” It made me super happy! The whole activity was so cute and so well planned. I loved it!

Hermana Guevara and a horse.
Hermana Guevara and a horse.

I also went on exchanges this week with Hermana Guevara (my sister training leader) and it was one of the best days I’ve ever had in Valencia! We talked to so many people and did so much work! It was a miracle! We went to go find this man who is inactive in our ward and he lives in the corner of our area on a horse farm. It was so weird driving out there, it felt like I was leaving the mission! You could actually see the mountains. It was really fun to see all of the horses as well. So we ended up finding him and he is super friendly! He said he hasn’t been to church since he works everyday and he can’t seem to get a day off. We’re still working with him and trying to help him out.

We went to have correlation with our ward mission leader but when we showed up at his house his daughter told us he was in the hospital. He’s okay but he needs surgery this week. So we ended up talking with his daughter a little bit who actually served in the Arizona Scottsdale Mission and just got back a few months ago. She is super nice and has helped us a lot since we’ve been here in this area.

Me telling Michael to hush (Our mission leader's dog)
Me telling Michael to hush (Our mission leader’s dog)
Well I hope you all have an amazing week!
Hermana Hershey

Feliz Cumpleaños

Hi everyone.

Well my mind is drawing a complete blank and I have no idea what to even write about. So just a warning this email is going be lame.

Well we taught Fabian (the Jehovah’s Witness) again and it went really well! It’s hard to teach him sometimes because he goes off on what he believes and it takes awhile to get through a lesson. But towards the end the spirit was really strong and I think it was a really great lesson. We taught him the plan of salvation.

unnamedOn September 1st it was Hermana Gutierrez’s birthday (the same as Amber!) and we had a lot of cake given to us. It was so much fun. A member gave her flowers and everything! She was so happy. She turned 20 but we told everyone in our zone that she was turning 30 and they all believed us! We told them later that it wasn’t true and they all laughed. It was funny.

The other morning we walked outside and the temperature was in the 90s and it actually felt really nice out! I guess I’ve been getting used to 120 degree weather. So yes, it’s starting to cool down but it is still pretty hot around here. I’m looking forward to winter.unnamed-2

Well I hope you all have a good week! I hit 8 months next Monday and that’s just absolutely crazy. I can’t even believe it!

Sorry for the lame email.

Hermana Hershey