Knock, Knock, Knocking


This week has been good. We have seen a lot of progress. In the Arizona Mesa Mission we are discouraged to do door-to-door knocking. However, in our area, we need to do that. We don’t have a ton of members in our ward and we never really receive referrals. The area we are in is tricky but we think we can really make a difference if we

The 50th house we knocked on.

There is this condominium complex in our area with around 500 condos in it. We decided one day to start at condo number one and work our way through until we hit the last one. So far we’ve knocked about 130 doors in that one complex. We have found 2 Spanish people, one that it interested and one that isn’t. The rest we talk to and give a Book of Mormon (if they are willing to listen) and then we give them referrals to the English missionaries. It’s been fun expect it’s over 110 pretty much everyday so we sweat quite a bit. Luckily we only have about a month left of the heat!

This Saturday our ward is putting on a cultural event! We are so excited and we have members in the stake handing out invitations. So hopefully we will get to meet a lot of people and receive a lot of referrals! Our ward is doing different dances from all around the world and they are also serving tacos afterward. It should be a blast! We are really excited for it.

It amazing to me to see the progress in this ward since I’ve first arrived. It’s been a struggle and we still have a long way to go but I am grateful for all the the support we receive from the stake. They have been a huge help in getting the work going again.

Well I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Hershey


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