The Blitz

Hello everyone!

This week has been very eventful but I will try to include everything.

Hermana Judy and I trying to film a Spanish video
Hermana Judy and I trying to film a Spanish video
On Saturday our district got together and did what we call a blitz. This is where the English missionaries came into our area and we picked a neighborhood and we all split up (each with a member of the church who could speak Spanish) and we knocked door to door trying to
get Spanish speakers. It was something I was dreading all week but turned out to be the best experience of my life! I was with Sister Buduan who is and English-speaking missionary from the Philippines – she is so cute and funny!

The first person we talked to was Levi. He didn’t speak Spanish but we had a nice conversation. He ended up opening up to us and telling us all about his beliefs. He said to us, “I know that you missionaries get yelled at, get things thrown at you, and go through all this trouble everyday, yet you’re still smiling.” I then realized that at that moment I WAS smiling and I looked at Sister Buduan and she was smiling too. I felt so happy right then! I looked at Levi and I said, “Yes, I know it seems crazy, but we are here because this message changed our lives and I know that it can change yours too.” We then testified of the Book of Mormon and he ASKED us to give him one! HE asked US. That never happens! So I was a super bad missionary and didn’t have one in English with me but I brought him one the next day.
It was so cool!

The rest of the night we walked around knocking on each and every
door. We only found 2 Spanish speaking families but I had one of the
greatest times on my mission. Even when we encountered those who tried
to argue or those who were rude, it didn’t phase me. I know that I
felt so much joy because I prayed for it. Heavenly Father truly wants
all of is to be happy and if we pray he will always give us the answer
we need.

The Pimienta kids
The Pimienta kids

A member in our ward, Hermano Pimienta, has been coming out with us every night. He really wants to help build the ward and he loves missionary work. The best part is sometimes he brings his kids! Last night we went to a family and he had all four of them. It was bit crazy but it was really fun. He also is a photographer and one tactic we use to try and get people is we going around with a camera and offer them free family pictures. We actually get a lot of positive responses from it! I told him I did some photography before my mission and showed him some pictures and now he wants me to take the family pictures! I was super excited because I really miss taking pictures but I think I need to ask my mission president if it’s okay first. Let’s hope he says yes.

Well anyway, I hope you all had an amazing week! My week was crazy busy but I had a great time. Busy is better. Miss you all!

Hermana Hershey


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