Nice to meet you, Elder Cook

What a week!

Letters from the Young Women
Letters from the Young Women

I got a nice surprise the other day from the Young Women back in my home ward. They sent me letters that they wrote a Girl’s Camp! It was super nice and I loved reading them all! Sounds like everyone is doing great which makes me happy.

Elder Cook
Elder Cook

Yesterday in church we had just got out of a meeting and went into the foyer to wait for another meeting (we had a lot of meetings that day) and the other ward was just getting out of sacrament. We noticed everyone surrounding this one guy and it turned out to be Elder Cook from the Twelve! It was super awesome but we didn’t want to go up in the middle of the crowd. But then, he and his wife saw us and that we were missionaries and they came up to us in the foyer and shook our hands and asked where we were from! It was so cool! Especially since HE was the one that wanted to shake OUR hands. He is a super nice guy and so is his wife.

The Pimienta's rat. It looks like I'm eating it but I promise I'm not.
The Pimienta’s rat. It looks like I’m eating it but I promise I’m not.

This week we also went to visit the Pimienta Family in our ward. They have four little kids and they all remind me of mis sobrinos! (nieces and nephews). The Pimienta’s are just the greatest family ever! They both served missions and they love helping out the missionaries. They’re also super hilarious which is even better. One time they found a rat in the street so they kept him as a pet: that’s how cool this family is.

Well the area is slowly but surely improving. It has been struggling this last year or so, so we’ve been trying our hardest to improve it. I think we are making great progress though. We are going through our area book and having to drop a lot of the people since they are either not interested or don’t live there anymore. But “Oh esta, todo bien” (all is well). It’s definitely a challenge but I know that if we don’t
lose faith and hope everything will work out.

That’s all I can remember about this week. Thank you to those who
wrote me letters and all of your kind words. I can really feel your
prayers! Have a good one!

-Hermana Hershey

The temperature yesterday
The temperature yesterday

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