My friend serving in Canada sent me this weird looking stuffed animal.
My friend serving in Canada sent me this weird looking stuffed animal.

Hi everyone!

This has been a really good week. On Wednesday all of our plans fell through for the night and so we were kind of lost and didn’t know what to do. We decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father what to do. Immediately after we felt prompted to go to this family we found the other day that didn’t open their door earlier. We knocked on their door and they were home and had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon (which is what we left them to read when we first met them) so we taught them the restoration lesson and it was so amazing! Now we have two new investigators!
We had exchanges again this week and I was with Hermana Guevara. She’s so awesome and we had the greatest time! She cracks me up and kind of reminds me of Amber so it was even better. We were in her area and she was just transferred there not too long ago so she doesn’t know the area too well. We kept getting lost and it was just really funny I was laughing basically the whole time! We also found a new investigator that night which was awesome!
Our mission is focusing on the Book of Mormon (which I think I’ve mentioned before) so I have really been studying it a lot. The Book of Mormon truly is the keystone of our religion. If it’s not true: nothing in the church is true. But good news! It is true! It is literally the most correct book on the earth. Through the Book of Mormon we can learn so many things and gain a testimony of the gospel and of Joseph Smith. If anyone reading this letter right now has never read the Book of Mormon, I strongly encourage you to read it right now, starting with the introduction, whether you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or not. If you read and sincerely ask Heavenly Father with real intent if the book is true, you will receive an answer. I know because I have done exactly that.
There is a talk I read in the Liahona not too long ago that I encourage you all to read. It’s called “The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon”. This is the web link:
I will leave you all with a quick testimony. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the word of God. I know that by the power of God, Joseph Smith translated it. I know that Joseph Smith was, and is, a prophet of our Heavenly Father. I know, without a doubt, that this is the true church of Jesus Christ restored on the earth today. If I didn’t truly know these things I would not be here in Arizona, preaching the gospel. Though at times it may be difficult and I am serving in a place with a lot of opposition against Mormons, I would not change what I am doing at this very moment. I know it is right and because I know it, I cannot deny it.
I hope you all have a wonderful week.
Hermana Hershey

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