Me Cambié

Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

I want to start off this email by telling you about a mission-changing
experience I had this week. We went to visit Angie, our investigator
who now has a baptismal date, but we ran into her mom and a few of her
“friends” from her bible study “class”. Immediately walking in the
door I knew what was about to happen: we were about to be patronized
by these people. Yet oddly, I felt the impression to stay. This 80
year old man started asking me many rhetorical questions about the
bible, meaning he would not give me a chance to respond. Even when I
did respond and shared what I believed, he would mock me in some way.
Just for the record – not once did I argue, raise my voice, or treat
these people in any un-Christlike manner. I simply sat there while
this old couple was telling me how I am a fool for what I believe in.
The man looked me in the eyes and I honestly can’t remember all that
he said, but I remember the look in his eyes and the darkness I can
never forget. Shaking, he yelled “How dare you sit here and tell me
that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God!” And not once did I even
mention Joseph Smith. After some time, I managed to utter a simple
testimony of how I knew and I prayed to know that this is the true
church of Jesus Christ. To tell this story in whole it would be pages
long, but just know, that moment changed my mission – my life –
forever. I walked away from that house and 3 Nephi 5:13 came clearly
into my head.
“Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been
called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might
have everlasting life.”
At that moment I knew, without a doubt, that what I am doing as a
missionary is right and is the Lord’s work. I then thought of Joseph
Smith and the opposition he faced. Then I thought of our Savior, and
all that He went through in His life. My life in that moment didn’t
seem so hard anymore. My testimony had been strengthened because of
that experience, along with other trials I’ve had to face. I don’t
plan on the rest of my mission being easy and I know opposition will
always be in my way, but it is something that I am grateful for. I
could not face the adversity I do everyday without the help of the
Lord. One thing that has helped me immensely is daily scripture study.
If you aren’t doing it now: start.

Well that story took a long time to explain. But in other news, our
car is getting fixed from the accident so we are now on bikes! It has
been fun but insanely hot. Dehydration is a real thing. But being on
bikes is so good because then we get to talk to everyone! We have 2
baptismal dates set and we are seeing many miracles. We watched
Conozca Los Mormones (Meet The Mormons) with our investigator, Oscar,
last night at the visitors center. It was awesome!

I hope you’re all doing well. Keep going strong and don’t forget to
put the Lord first in your life!

Hermana Hershey

The Mesa Arizona Temple last night.
The Mesa Arizona Temple last night.

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