Peruvian Sign Language

This week has been an adventure. I said goodbye to Hermana Del Valle
and hello to my new companion, Hermana Hawkins! She is so great and I
think we’re going to get along well. She’s 20 and from Oregon, really
close to Boise actually. Our area is a little bit bigger this transfer
so we have been finding a lot. We decided to ask some of the English
sisters if we could trade our car for their bikes one day and they
agreed! So this Thursday we will be on bikes and I am very excited for
that! It’s so much easier to talk with everyone when you’re not in a

This upcoming week we are going to be giving a lot of “do or drop”
lessons. Meaning we talk to some of our investigators who haven’t been
keeping commitments and give them one last chance or else we have to
drop them. 😦 I really don’t like dropping people. It breaks my heart.

On Saturday some of the ASL Elders called us and asked us for help.
They were going to be teaching some people living in Peru, who are
deaf, over Skype. The hearing person the Peruvians live with only
spake Spanish so they needed us to translate for them. It was quite
the experience! It was a lot of fun! It was so cool to see Elder Weber
try to communicate with them. They speak Peruvian Sign Language and
Elder a Weber speaks American Sign Language. So through this whole
process he was trying to learn Peruvian Sign Language while we wrote
down phrases and questions in Spanish on a piece of paper. It was
amazing to watch.

This week I was also working in the Visitors Center for a night. I
thought I wasn’t going to like it but I ended up loving it! I got to
teach people over the computer for a little bit and ended up setting
up missionaries to meet with a man I was talking to from Florida. I
also took a 15 year old girl around the Visitors Center and taught her
more about the life of Christ. She recently decided that she wants to
be baptized this summer so I was answering questions she had as well.
Then there was a man there just kind of walking around so I went up
and talked to him. I ended sharing my testimony of the Book of Mormon
and he asked if he could read it right then and there! So I gave him a
copy and he read the introduction. He told me that he would read a
little bit everyday. It was so much fun and one of the best
experiences I’ve had so far!

Well I hope you are all doing well. I miss you all! Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Hershey

Elder Weber talking to the deaf people in Peru!
Elder Weber talking to the deaf people in Peru!

Goodbyes & Paint Wars

Hey everyone! I don’t have much time to email today and I’m sorry for
that. Hermana Del Valle is leaving back to Mexico and I am so sad to
see her go! She has been a great companion and we have really gotten
close these last couple weeks of the transfer. I am so excited to see
where life takes her. She is such a wonderful person and deserves the
very best!

This week has been really good. One of our investigators told us that
he wants to change his life around. We showed him the video “La
Esperanza de la Luz de Dios” (The Hope of God’s Light) and he really
liked it a lot. It was so amazing and the spirit was so strong!

My new companion is Hermana Hawkins. I don’t know much about her
except that she’s only been out a couple more months than I have.
After we take Hermana Del Valle to the mission office at three I will
be in a trio for the next couple days with Hermanas Lund and Guevara
(other Spanish sisters in my ward) and then on Wednesday I will move
into a new apartment with Hermana Hawkins. I’m really excited to get
to know her! But I am still staying in the same area.

This morning at 11 we had a zone activity and we had a paint fight! We
all got white shirts and then just splattered paint all over each
other. It was so much fun! Then we had a BBQ afterwards. We were at a
members house that was literally like a zoo. They had so many animals
everywhere! Including a snake which I held. It was awesome.

Also, we had a Spanish fireside last night and while we were on the
way home someone slammed into the side of our car with their truck!
Luckily, everyone was fine and the car is still drivable. Hermana Del
Valle and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was just so typical for
something like that to happen our last night together. (We’ve had a
crazy 12 weeks)

Well that’s all I can remember right now. I am loving it here in
Arizona and I am loving being a missionary! It definitely has its ups
and downs but I will never regret the decision I made to serve the
Lord. I hope you all have an amazing week as always!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Hershey

An awesome family in the Tierra Rica branch
An awesome family in the Tierra Rica branch
Aftermath of the Paint Fight!
Aftermath of the paint fight!

Dia de Las Madres

Sunday when we FaceTimed for Mother's Day!
Sunday when we FaceTimed for Mother’s Day!

Talking with my family yesterday was so much fun! My house is just as
crazy as I remember. It was fun to see my nephews and how they’ve
changed just in 4 short months! I told them all about my love for
mangos and my hate for chihuahuas – it was great!

This next week is my last week with Hermana Del Valle. She’s going
back to Mexico on the 19th! It’s crazy how fast this last transfer
went. I can’t believe it’s almost over! So I’ll get transfer news
probably on Sunday. I’m really going to miss Hermana Del Valle. She
has been such a great companion and has taught me so much. I feel so
blessed to have gotten her as my trainer!

In my district, we have the ASL elders and they are so great! One of
the elders, Elder Jackson, is deaf and told us he would give everyone
sign names. He finally gave me one this week! My sign name is the sign
for chocolate, haha. I took ASL for a year in high school so I can
somewhat talk to Elder Jackson. It’s so much fun! I’ve definitely
forgotten a lot of ASL since I’ve been learning Spanish but I’m hoping
to pick it up again. I might possibly be fluent in Spanish and
American Sign Language when I come home! (Probably not but a girl can

We have been working with less-active families, as I’ve mentioned
before, and a miracle happened on Sunday! Two of the families came to
church and the mom of another family came as well. It was so amazing!
We were so excited when we saw them! They both have improved so much
from the first day we met them. It’s incredible to see the change in

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you all have an amazing week!

Hermana Hershey

My sister making faces, like always
My sister making faces, like always