See You TOWmorrow

Well this has been quite a wonderful week. Meet the Mormons is now on
DVD so I bought it! We were watching it with a family on Tuesday night
and around 9 o’clock we went out to find that our car was towed! We
were parked in the visitors spot and everything. So we called Elder
Owen (the mission vehicle coordinator) and we had to wait until the
next night to get it. Luckily, some sisters who live in our apartment
complex gave us a ride home. They normally charge $400 to give your
car back but they were “nice” and dropped it to $150. So Hermana Del
Valle and I had to pay $75 each. That’s 800 pesos! Are you kidding
me?! And the worst part is we were going on exchanges that night so
all of my stuff was in a suitcase in the trunk of our car. But it’s
okay, it’s over now and everything happens for a reason.

Also, there is a guy that goes around Mesa on a bicycle/cart thing and
sells Mexican snacks and candy. I found him on Saturday and bought a
mango-on-a-stick! He puts salt and lemon on it also. I don’t think
I’ve ever actually eaten a mango until I came here but I have quickly
come to love them.

We are working with a lot of part-member families which is great! We
are trying to teach Hermana Pineda’s husband but he never wants to
listen when we come over. He’s really crafty and creative so we asked
him to teach us how to make something for Mother’s Day. So HOPEFULLY
we will be able to talk to him and get him interested in the gospel.

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you’re all doing well! We are
working on finding more people this week so that’s good.

Love you all! Keep going strong!

¡Todos ustedes son increíbles!

Hermana Hershey

Right after we got towed
Right after we got towed
The Mango
The Mango
Rosie (Hermana Pineda's granddaughter) and I
Rosie (Hermana Pineda’s granddaughter) and I

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