Hope On. Journey On.

Well it was another great week in Arizona! The new missionaries came
in on Tuesday and there was only 3 Hermanas and 1 Elder! I think it
was the smallest group they’ve had arrive so far. I got to day train
one of the Hermanas. Her name is Hermana Conway and she is from
Rexburg, Idaho. (I’m pretty sure half of the AZMM are from Idaho) it
was so fun to day train her! And now I’m not the new one anymore!

We found a new family to teach! It’s the Rivera Family. The parents
are non-active members and none of the kids are members. The 11 year
old girl, Gissell, committed to be baptized! We were so excited! We
just need to work with this family on keeping commitments.

We also have another family we are teaching, the Pineda Family, and
they are golden! They always come to church and keep commitments. They
have 6 or 7 kids who are all so cute and so close in age! This family
is literally perfect! The only problem is they aren’t married. We are
working on that.

One thing I am so grateful for is my bishop, Obispo Rodriguez. We had
dinner over at his house the other night and he gave me great advice
and really boosted my spirits. I was feeling a bit down because my
Spanish is no where near perfect and it takes a lot of effort to have
a conversation. Bishop Rodriguez reminded me that the Lord sent me
here speaking Spanish and that patience is key. He gave me a lot of
hope and I am so grateful that he is my bishop!

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you are all doing fantastic!

-Hermana Hershey

All of the Spanish missionaries in Mesa!
All of the Spanish missionaries in Mesa!



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