Rainy AZ

Well this was a really interesting week in Arizona. It was raining for
about 2 or 3 days and the temperature was in the 60s which is unusual
for this time of year. So I wore a sweater for the first time since
I’ve been here. It was great!

We dropped A LOT of people this last week because they were not
progressing/keeping commitments/interested etc. So we have been
finding for most of the days and we have had some success! We have one
lady, Sophia, and her daughter, Wendy, that seem to be really
interested in the church. We have a lesson with them tomorrow and I am
so excited!

We also had exchanges this week and I got to be in English work for a
day! I was with Sister Whitten, it was great and we saw a lot of
miracles happen. We have another exchange this week but this time my
companion is going with Sister Whitten in her area and Sister Kohler
is coming with me in our area. She doesn’t know Spanish and I’m not
perfect at it so this next exchange will be very interesting to say
the least. But I’m excited to see how it turns out!

I only have about 2 more weeks with Hermana Del Valle and then she
goes home. I am so sad to see her go!

Well that’s about all I can remember from this week. I hope you are
all doing well. I love and miss you!

Hermana Hershey

P.S. My little brother got his mission call to Cleveland, Ohio! So proud!

Outside our apartment when it was raining
Outside our apartment when it was raining

See You TOWmorrow

Well this has been quite a wonderful week. Meet the Mormons is now on
DVD so I bought it! We were watching it with a family on Tuesday night
and around 9 o’clock we went out to find that our car was towed! We
were parked in the visitors spot and everything. So we called Elder
Owen (the mission vehicle coordinator) and we had to wait until the
next night to get it. Luckily, some sisters who live in our apartment
complex gave us a ride home. They normally charge $400 to give your
car back but they were “nice” and dropped it to $150. So Hermana Del
Valle and I had to pay $75 each. That’s 800 pesos! Are you kidding
me?! And the worst part is we were going on exchanges that night so
all of my stuff was in a suitcase in the trunk of our car. But it’s
okay, it’s over now and everything happens for a reason.

Also, there is a guy that goes around Mesa on a bicycle/cart thing and
sells Mexican snacks and candy. I found him on Saturday and bought a
mango-on-a-stick! He puts salt and lemon on it also. I don’t think
I’ve ever actually eaten a mango until I came here but I have quickly
come to love them.

We are working with a lot of part-member families which is great! We
are trying to teach Hermana Pineda’s husband but he never wants to
listen when we come over. He’s really crafty and creative so we asked
him to teach us how to make something for Mother’s Day. So HOPEFULLY
we will be able to talk to him and get him interested in the gospel.

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you’re all doing well! We are
working on finding more people this week so that’s good.

Love you all! Keep going strong!

¡Todos ustedes son increíbles!

Hermana Hershey

Right after we got towed
Right after we got towed
The Mango
The Mango
Rosie (Hermana Pineda's granddaughter) and I
Rosie (Hermana Pineda’s granddaughter) and I

Hope On. Journey On.

Well it was another great week in Arizona! The new missionaries came
in on Tuesday and there was only 3 Hermanas and 1 Elder! I think it
was the smallest group they’ve had arrive so far. I got to day train
one of the Hermanas. Her name is Hermana Conway and she is from
Rexburg, Idaho. (I’m pretty sure half of the AZMM are from Idaho) it
was so fun to day train her! And now I’m not the new one anymore!

We found a new family to teach! It’s the Rivera Family. The parents
are non-active members and none of the kids are members. The 11 year
old girl, Gissell, committed to be baptized! We were so excited! We
just need to work with this family on keeping commitments.

We also have another family we are teaching, the Pineda Family, and
they are golden! They always come to church and keep commitments. They
have 6 or 7 kids who are all so cute and so close in age! This family
is literally perfect! The only problem is they aren’t married. We are
working on that.

One thing I am so grateful for is my bishop, Obispo Rodriguez. We had
dinner over at his house the other night and he gave me great advice
and really boosted my spirits. I was feeling a bit down because my
Spanish is no where near perfect and it takes a lot of effort to have
a conversation. Bishop Rodriguez reminded me that the Lord sent me
here speaking Spanish and that patience is key. He gave me a lot of
hope and I am so grateful that he is my bishop!

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you are all doing fantastic!

-Hermana Hershey

All of the Spanish missionaries in Mesa!
All of the Spanish missionaries in Mesa!


Easter Pagent

This week was the Easter pageant here in Mesa! The Spanish program was
on Saturday night and it was absolutely amazing! I saw Elder Shepherd
and Elder Biddulph from my zone back in the MTC. They’re serving in
the Scottsdale mission. It was really fun to see them! The pageant is
so amazing. You can feel the spirit so strong. My favorite part is
when Jesus is floating above everyone at the end. It actually looks
like he is!

No cops showed up in our neighborhood this week so that’s good. But we
found 7 new investigators this week! That’s a miracle! Our area is so

The Spanish is coming along! I switched my iPad to be in Spanish so
hopefully that helps a little bit. I am so lucky to have Hermana Del
Valle as a companion because she helps me so much.

This last Saturday I was able to attend the 100th baptism of this
month in our mission! We have had over 100 baptisms in the month of
March. It truly has been “Miracle March”! I am sad that Angie wasn’t
baptized this last week but I know that she still needs to progress
just a little bit more.

I am so excited for General Conference this week! I can’t wait to be
able to watch it on Saturday and Sunday!

I also went to the temple this week and it was amazing!

This week has been great and I look forward to seeing all of the
amazing miracles in this next coming week. I know that Jesus is our
Savior and I am so grateful for Him and His sacrifice. I have come to
know Him a lot better while being on my mission. I encourage you all
to watch the new video the church out out called “Because He Lives”.
It is so beautiful. I can not express the gratitude I have towards our
Redeemer. As we all know, Jesus Christ is known by many different
names. One of my favorite names that He is called would have to be the
Prince of Peace. He truly brings peace into our lives if we let Him.

I love you all so much and hope you are doing well! Don’t forget to
pray – ALWAYS.

Hermana Hershey

Packages from home :)
Packages from home 🙂
Thank you, Cindy Poulsen!
Thank you, Cindy Poulsen!

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Hermana Del Valle

Easter Pagent
Easter Pagent